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Preliminary Event Guide 9 FOR FURTHER INFORMATION, PLEASE VISIT THE CONFERENCE PAGE ON WWW.POWERGENEUROPE.COM Managing a plant in today’s market requires many skills and a sophisticated tool kit. The target is saving and elongating the lifetime of plants, achieving high availability, low cost of ownership, low emission levels as well as increasing flexibility, while maintaining efficiency and profitability. These sessions discuss the balancing of cost retention and reliability (availability) of plants using state of the art methods and tools, and evaluating the use of big data for service and lifetime calculations. Ideally suited to: Plant and fleet owners, operators, managers and engineers at all levels, optimization specialists, engineering consultants, operations & maintenance specialists, productivity improvement engineers, equipment and service providers, data managers Sessions focussed on how to incorporate renewable energy, distributed generation, energy storage, thermally activated technologies and demand response into the electric distribution and transmission system. With the increasing role of electricity as an energy carrier caused by the rapid growth of renewable electricity sources these sessions identify what the emerging technologies are and which policies are required for this integration process to succeed in creating a stable, efficient, affordable and reliable energy supply. Ideally suited to: Utility owners and managers, municipal and industrial facility operators, investors, developers, strategic marketers, energy service companies, renewable energy operators, systems operators, policymakers and regulators An essential forum for understanding the direction, impact and opportunities in renewable generation. Sessions will cover climate change drivers, the interaction of different renewable options, illuminating case histories of successful projects, operations and new frontier technologies. Developed for: Operators, energy company executives, investors, OEMs, engineers, engineering academics, policymakers and regulators Developed in conjunction with the European Association for Energy Storage (EASE), these sessions take a serious look at energy storage in the context of the power industry, featuring experts outlining the current status of technology and enabling policies and the barriers to be overcome. The day concludes with a round-up of the most promising large-scale technologies and latest modelling techniques. Developed for: Utility operators, integrators, renewable plant operators, system operators, energy service companies, municipal energy companies, equipment suppliers, policymakers and regulators Hydropower remains a major part of the energy mix for several European states e.g. Italy. Hydropower Day will put water power in context within the overall changing power generation market in Europe - Where is hydro fitting in the energy “cloud”? What can hydro contribute in this changing market? How could its role be enhanced? Where is the European energy policy headed regarding hydroelectric power and marine energy and what threats are out there? Developed for: Utility executives, system operators, policymakers, regulators, NGOs, energy storage professionals, hydro equipment and service providers, energy consultants and consulting engineers Covering a wide range of vital operational topics including the importance of cyber security, predictive maintenance and condition monitoring for steam and gas turbines as well as handling big data and analytics. The theme concludes with three special generator refresher sessions, featuring industry experts presenting on generator designs, technical competences and operations. Developed for: Controls & automation specialists, EPCs, operators, component suppliers, electrical engineers at all levels, cyber security managers, engineering consultants, CI and IT engineers, project and asset managers, generator experts and beginners HYDROPOWER DAY MODERN PLANT MANAGEMENT AUTOMATION, CONTROLS, MONITORING & GENERATORS 101 ENERGY INTEGRATION RENEWABLE STRATEGY, PROJECTS AND TECHNOLOGY ENERGY STORAGE DAY

Preliminary Event Guide
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